Jul 28, 2010

WSO2 Stratos is upgraded..

WSO2 Stratos was upgraded last week, with a set of new features and improvements. This is the first upgrade we did since its first public availability.

SAML 2.0 based single sign-on is one of the main features that we are introducing in this release. With this support, it is possible to sign-in to a single Stratos service and access all other Stratos services without sign-in again. This functionality is not bound to Stratos services. For example, If you have configured other service providers like Google Apps to use Stratos Identity Service as the Identity Provider for Single Sign-on, then it is possible to access all these services seamlessly by providing your credentials only once.

In this upgrade, some revolutionary changes were introduced to the Stratos architecture to improve its performance, scalability and security aspects. One such improvement is adding lazy loading support for Stratos. With this support, the memory footprint of the servers as well as the start-up times are lowered by a great extent.

Apart from that, we have put a lot of effort on the existing Stratos services to improve the user experience as well as the ability to be integrated with other Stratos services and external services.

Our team is currently working on porting the other Carbon products to Stratos while improving the existing Stratos services. WSO2 ESB, BPS, DSS, and BRS will be available as Stratos services very soon.

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