Jun 4, 2010

A Guide on Setting up and Configuring a Domain in WSO2 Stratos..

In this screen-cast, Shankar walks you through the steps required to setting up a domain in WSO2 Stratos, configuring  and customizing it according to your requirement.

Shankar is a Senior Architect at WSO2, and also a key member in WSO2 Stratos team.

Jun 3, 2010

WSO2 Stratos - WSO2 Carbon middleware platform as a service

WSO2 recently announced the public availability of Stratos, the complete Carbon platform as a service(PaaS).

Before announcing Stratos, WSO2 started offering two cloud services, 'Governance as a Service' and 'Cloud Identity'. With Stratos, it has kept a big step ahead by adding more cloud services to the list along with a centralized management capability.

Registering a domain at https://cloud.wso2.com will allow users to seamlessly experience the WSO2's entire middleware platform as a service. With its Alpha 1 release, following services are offered in Stratos.

Cloud Enterprise Service Bus will be added to the Stratos soon.

As mentioned earlier, all the management activities of a domain is centralized into a single place. Administrators of a particular domain can use this management console to manage Cloud services by activating and deactivating services as per their requirement. And all the user management, account management and key management activities are facilitated through this. In addition to that, they can access their usage details and billing status from here.

This blog by Charitha, is a step by step guide on how to start using WSO2 Stratos.

Keeping its openness further, WSO2 made available the Stratos source code to the public. Anyone can build Stratos from this source and deploy it in one of the several infrastructure platforms Stratos supports, like UEC, Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, etc.

Stratos is it still in Alpha 1 stage, while giving a lot more than expected from an Alpha 1 release.
Keep your fingers crossed for revolutionary feature additions and  improvements in future..