Mar 16, 2010

SVN Error : No space left on device

Recently I encountered a situation where Subversion keeps on complaining "No space left on device" and terminates the check out. But there was sufficient amount of free space left in the disk.

After searching the Google, I found the root cause for the error. The home partition has run out of iNodes. So the only solution was to remove some of the rarely used files and free up some iNodes.

The iNode usage of your disk can be checked using the following command. (in Linux)
$ df -i
This will print the iNode information of the entire disk in a tabular format.

Mar 13, 2010

Identity in the Cloud - Webinar

WSO2 recently hosted a webinar on WSO2 Cloud Identity which was conducted by Prabath Siriwardena, the security architect and product manager for WSO2 Identity Server.

Prabath starts this presentation with the basics and walks you through the topics like necessity of identity management, complexities involved in identity management, and benefits of having identity as a service. And finally, he talks about how WSO2 Cloud Identity can cater the identity management requirements of an organization.

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