Nov 23, 2009

Back on Good Old Blogger - Migrated from Wordpress

Me back on Blogger..

I started my blog on Blogger in 2007 and then switched to Wordpress after sometime. By that time, I felt like Wordpress is better, so I sticked to it. But I migrated back to Blogger and will be posting here from now onwards. :-)

Main reason for this migration was the freedom and control I have over my blog in Blogger compared to Wordpress. With Wordpress, you are restricted to default widgets provided with free account and no custom java scripts, etc. If you want to get statistics of your blog, you have no other option, it is default wordpress stats page. I agree, you are given significant level of information there, but Google Analytics and Stat Counter give you more than that.

After start working, I have been posting more and more code snippets in my posts. But I found only one theme in wordpress that displays code segments with scroll bars. But I could not find any syntax highlighting tool. :-( With Blogger, I have everything after integrating syntax highlighter widget into my blog.

And the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor is kind of slow, it takes few seconds to display what you have typed and it is a bit annoying. And there are few more reasons that made me to undergo the burden of migrating my blog.

Thanks to the Wordpress-to-Blogger tool, migration was not that hard, . These page has the relevant instructions on porting your Wordpress to Blogger. This post by Nandana, syndicates information about some useful tools and instructions that can be used to set up a blog properly. And I modified the DNS entries of my domain name to route the traffic to the new location.

And now it is up and running.. and it is time to write more and more.. :-)


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