Jan 13, 2009

How to reduce the icon size in Ubuntu 8.10

If you are fed up seeing the larger icons in your desktop or in nautilus(in my case), this post might be helpful. As a Linux user, I am so concerned about the look and feel of the operating system, in addition to its performance. I was so annoyed by the extra large icons, which is the default in Ubuntu. So after surfing the web, I found this quick and simple solution to get rid of the larger icons.

  • Open Nautilus

  • Edit --> Preferences -->  View Tab

  • Adjust the zoom level under the "Icon View Defaults" to a preferable size. By default it is set to 100%. Reducing it to 66% will end up with a fairly decent icon size.

  • Click "Close"


This is how my desktop and nautilus are appearing now.   Looking good, isn't it ?   :-)



PT said...

Great, but what about the icons at the top panel? I have problems with them too, they are still too big.

Anish D said...

No possibiltiy. Gnome does not have the customization option to change toolbar icon size.
In the name of simplicity, the fail to add basic-level functionalities which exist even in windows (other major problems include lack of facility to arrange windows vertically or horizontally, lack of option in arranging the icons of desktop horizontally/other parameters etc).

d7 said...

This is not correct. It is possible to change the " menu bar" icons; I tested it : http://mynbook.wordpress.com/2008/03/05/debian-etch-change-gnome-menu-icon-size/

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