Apr 22, 2008

A Golden Opportunity

Today google announced the selected candidates for GSoC 2008. Yes. My name was there. I am really happy about this opportunity I got. My project is implementing Tuscany SCA Support in the Geronimo Admin Console. This is a project of Apache software Foundation and mentored by Ant Elder from Tuscany.

To be frank, I put a lot of effort on this during last few weeks. I had to do a lot of reading and researching. I had to make my hands dirty with some coding stuff as well. The support and the guidance given by Ant and Tuscany community should be highly appreciated. Without their help this would not be a success. Finally I could achieve what I wanted.

This is the first time I am doing a summer of code project. This will be a huge experience for me. Definitely I will be able to grab a lot by completing this project, not only technical, but also a lot of other things. I will have to interact and work close with the open source community. I will have to meet the deadlines and deliver what is expected...... there is a lot more. Yeah, I will get 4500 US$ too. :-)
But this will be a good overall experience eventually.

I am planing to start work by tomorrow (that what is the schedule says). I am putting my full effort to complete this project successfully. I will deliver what I have promised to.

Now the summer of code has begun.

WSO2 Annual Trip 2008

Although it is the last few days at WSO2, we got the opportunity to join the annual trip. Thank you WSO2 for giving interns this opportunity. We spent two days at Eden resort, Bentota ( A town in the south coast of Sri Lanka) with all luxuries. Those two days were full of fun and happening. There were games, boat rides, DJs, jam sessions, etc. This was a good chance to consolidate unity and the team spirit. ( I think WSO2 has these things at their maximum value)

I am appending some pics here.